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"To change the wedding industry by providing remarkable wedding properties, with extreme value, that wedding couples are able to afford"

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About Us: Team Members

Eric Braciska

Founder & Owner of  The Hive Homes and Weddings

After spending 25 years in Corporate Account Management, Marketing & Sales positions for several Fortune 500 Companies, I am now solely dedicated to managing our outdoor & barn wedding venues, your wedding event & respective stay. ​With 11 years, 750+ groups of short term rental guests & 150 weddings under our belt, we are experienced experts at our craft (across 5 properties). Our goal is to change the wedding industry by providing remarkable, affordable venues with extreme value.  I am excited to work together in unison to provide your One of a Kind Personalized Wedding

Theresa/Tim Roberts, Kyle Bouchard, Travis Trueworthy, Mason, Lynn & Sonny Merrill

Property Caretakers, Cleaners & Gardeners

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